All of our programs are student-focused, flexible, easy and rewarding.  You would really be enjoying the adventure of learning Spanish!


These courses are what we call “Survival Spanish”. At the end of the courses you’ll be able to perform the most common daily life tasks on your own such as going shopping, asking for directions, asking for information and handle short conversations about yourself and your family. We use an immersion method and almost from the beginning of lessons we encourage our students to practice with natives so they can loose their fear of speaking with natives which is the biggest obstacle when learning a language.


In this level the students deepen their knowledge of theSpanish Language by becoming more acquainted with the local culture. In this level the student will learn about the most common daily tasks a local resident has to face. He will also learn about traditions and customs, the sons sung at birthdays and parties, as well as
descriptions for the local geography (including tourist attractions) and people. Although the immersion method is always encouraged, writing is introduced as well as research on the internet and libraries.


Students keep on deepening their knowledge of Spanish as they become familiar with the Mexican culture. They’ll be able to read about weather, politics, ecology, and other subjects and give their opinions. They will also attend conferences, workshops, watch TV shows and movies, listen to the radio and give reports and make presentations about them. At the end of this level they will be able to perform most tasks usually performed by a local.


In this Spanish level students will become familiar with lifestyles, expressions and culture of other Spanish speaking countries while deepening their knowledge of the language. Research on the internet and group discussions, as well as the interviewing of people who are experts in certain subjects are very encouraged.

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