Visit and experience the culture of Mexico while practicing your Spanish.


  • Flora and fauna recognition.
  • Bird watching.
  • Planting trees.
  • Tending farm animals (horses, cows, chickens, etc.).
  • Cooking country style (bake hand-made tortillas).
  • Participate in the making of organic compost.
  • Horse-back riding for experienced riders.
  • Picking seasonal fruit.
  • Swimming in the nearby river.

The tour includes:

  • Transportation to and from Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo.
  • One night lodging.
  • Two meals the first day.
  • Brunch the second day.

This tour is included in the cost of the 80-hour course if a group of minimum four people is formed. If you want to take any of the trips on your own it has a cost of $50 USD per person.


1- Surfing tour to la Saladita Beach.
2- Tour to the Tata Chuy Sanctuary in Petatlán.
3- Tour to la Chole in Petatlán, one of the most ancient Archaeological sites in all of Mexico.
4- Food market in San Jeronimito.
5- Surfing tour to Saladita Beach, favorite among surfers.
6- Tour to the Janitzio Island.
7- Tour to the Monarch Sanctuary (Only from November through March).
8- Other tours to local beautiful beaches and towns.
9- Horseback riding tour to Playa Linda or Playa Larga.
10- Scuba diving tours to nearby locations.

All of the tours are designed encourage you to practice your Spanish, therefore, this is the only language allowed in the tours. Experience the culture and beauty of Mexico while learning Spanish!