Easy, effective and fast. Our online Spanish courses are student-focused and totally personalized. You would be surprised at how fast you would learn Spanish!

Our method will engage you in practical dialogues, you will get the motivation to speak, which is the most common challenge to learn a language. From the first class, you would be speaking with confidence.

The practical dialogues will help you get around in daily life situations with the language and then, as you advance, you would broaden your knowledge to talk about your life, your career and your interests.

The online Spanish courses would get you there fast as the method is not focused on Grammar but in the joy of being able to understand and respond. Once you get the rhythm of the language, the structure of the language would be easy to understand.

Be prepared for an enjoyable experience to learn to speak Spanish fast.

Rates per hour:

Mexican Pesos – $400 (approx. in Canadian Dollar $27 or US Dollar $20, subject to the exchange rate)