Based on real-life situations, the method encourages you to start speaking Spanish from the first day. Practical, interesting and fun!

The Adventure of Learning Spanish method is based on activities that would enhance your learning of the language and the Mexican culture. The lessons would take place in real-life situations, which would give you the confidence to learn easily.

You will be taken to the corner store, to the markets, to the beach, the mountains, unique places in the area that only we as natives know about; Mexican restaurants and the hotel facilities. You would also use the public transportation services and take cooking lessons. All these settings would encourage you to apply your lessons and gain the confidence to move around.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the ocean by practicing some sports which are highly popular in this area such as surfing, diving, kayaking, horseback riding or fishing. We contact the companies which render these services and our students get special prices. You practice your favorite sport while you learn Spanish!

It is our goal that you learn the basics of Spanish enhanced by observing and getting immersed in the culture of Mexico. You would explore the area with our staff.

The tours to the Guerrero mountains and nearby Ixtapa towns are a unique adventure that would enrich your experience of learning Spanish and understanding the Mexican culture. We also offer tours to other areas such as Petaltán and Barra de Potosí.

Improve your Spanish by getting involved with local associations which are devoted to help the community. We are in contact with most of the civil associations in the area, specially humane and environmental. Improve your Spanish by making a difference in the place you visit!