Special visit

The very best experiences are meeting people…

Querida Señora,

I write to thank you again for making my visit to Zihuatenejo so very special. In fact, all my visits to Mexico are wonderful; some of my favorite times. This trip was special above others, however, because you guided me to places and introduced me to people that I would never have discovered on my own.

Most Canadians, I am sure, travel to Mexico for sunny beaches and tequila. Most of the rest for dental or medical reasons. Certainly, those are attractive to me but the very best experiences are meeting people and visiting places on the road less traveled.

Petatlán is charming. My research, before traveling there with you, suggested it had a bit of a reputation for drug-related unrest. Believing that drug lords are not particularly interested in tourists who mind their own business and further believing that you would know how to avoid any such excitement were it to actually exist, I set aside all concerns. It was the right decision for I was thoroughly enchanted. The Ingesia De Padre Jesus De Petatlán is an architectural delight. I never miss an opportunity to view religious architecture where ever I travel. Mexico, of course, has some of the best examples in the world. The gold and silver work would have delighted Pat but did not hold a great deal of interest for me. Any jewelry I might buy is for her and my taste in the field is incompetant. I thought the tacos, made from parts of the animal that most Canadians would not normally knowingly eat (if I understood you correctly) were excellent.

La Soledad de Maciel was another wonder. Here I got a chance to expand my small knowledge of pre-contact Mexico and to marvel at the sophistication of people long gone. The Spanish (and all Western Europeans) have much to answer for. I thought that I observed and identified both similarities and differences between the Olmec and Teotihuacan cultures and the Mayan. (But perhaps I deluded myself.)

The peak of my travels with you was the visit to your rancho and the introduction to your family. I loved meeting them. Abner and Jorge and Vicente are farm boys after my own heart. Watching them together reminded me of my own brothers. Big, strong, good-hearted, hard working, happy guys who love their work and are comforatble with their world and each other.

Pat and I have a goal of making wonderful memories to enjoy when we become too old to travel the world. You have been instrumental in helping me make some wonderful ones.

Thank you.

I have pictures for you. I find that I can usually only attach 3 to one e-mail so I will send a series of e-mails.
Felice Navidad,