Learning Spanish is fun!

Learning Spanish is fun!

Having a bought our future retirement home in Ixtapa recently, it was important for me to immerse myself in the local community. I knew the first step would be to learn to speak and understand Spanish. I was pretty much starting from scratch.

I found Ammy through our realtor, and I am so happy for the referral. Ammy teaches practical conversational Spanish with an immersive approach. No English allowed! And no boring memorizations of individual words or verb conjugations. Plus, Ammy travels to your home for the lessons.

I was self-conscious at first learning and pronouncing the letters in Spanish, feeling like a little kid again. But using pantomime and showing photos on the phone (no Google translate!), I am now able to pick up the gist of our conversations quickly.
The other practical aspect of our lessons is that Ammy takes me on “field trips” into the community. She has shown me how to ride the local combis (local buses) and takes me to a café to order food and drinks. And again, since all of our communications is in Spanish, I am confident to replicate the situations on my own.

After only five lessons so far, I am able speak at least passable conversational Spanish with the locals. The still very fast and it is sometimes hard to keep up with the dialog, but they can at least understand what I am trying to say to them. Not bad for a middle-aged broad with only a few lessons under her belt.

I plan to continue my Spanish lessons with Ammy virtually when I return to the United States so that I continue to make progress.
Oh! And I did mention that Ammy is fun to be around. She has a lively, energetic personality which makes learning Spanish even more fun!

Kristen Marks, Florida
December 2022