Learning Spanish with Ammi Learning Spanish with Ammi – Daniel

Ammi is someone who loves linguistics and literature and derives joy from guiding others towards gaining capacity and confidence with the depths of communication. I took 30 hours of classes with her over the course of one week and each one had a different flavor and form (as well as a different location depending on what we wanted to do that day). My previous Spanish courses elsewhere had all been more classroom based, and though her educational approach is much more casual it was no less rigorous. Our conversations flowed naturally from one subject to the next and traversed the pragmatic elements of being a stranger in a country learning a new language towards exploring more abstract concepts as well. Ammi and i got to share and tell about our lives, our tastes in art/music/film, our respective creative aspirations, hopes and dreams, all while enriching and honing my language skills along the way.

Daniel N. Johnson