By the 4th day I realized I was already thinking in Spanish

Yadira made the classes most interesting because they were so practical. She explained at the beginning what to expect and then required me to speak only in Spanish to search for any word that would work in communicating my message or question. I found her very patient and funny. She refused to respond to English questions which made me think only in Spanish. By the 4th day I realized I was already thinking in Spanish. By arranging for me to live with a Mexican family it helped later to practice what I was learning in the classes. We used the whole city and region as a school and continued to be practical in the applications of the language. Kidding in Spanish was part of her style and singing to popular music was very soothing and enjoyable since she was a good singer and dancer. Her acting talent made her diction easy to watch and hear as she emphasized dramatically what she was expressing and what she wanted me to express.

We became good friends as well as teacher-pupil which I appreciate. I would take classes with her again to advance my language skills.

As a teacher I would suggest two approaches Yadira could take to maximize her students apprehension. To stay in the supportive positive mode of her excellent way of encouraging through positive statements all the time. And to concentrate on basics for the first three days instead of two including writing exercises and homework drills. Just to establish a more firm basis, memorization and repeating key phrases should be continued until the sounds, pronunciations and question-responses are truly imbedded. I know this is difficult for a week course but it helps to practice. My age I am sure was a hindrance to my memory work and I appreciate her patience. I feel so much more confident in speaking hearing and responding and will continue my language studies hopefully with a teacher as engaging as Yadira.

Patrick Yesh, Canada