She will coach you at your pace – Bob

If you are in search of a new adventure like learning a beautiful language like Spanish, you should share that journey with Yadira and her team. She will coach you at your pace and work with your ability to recall what you have learned. She will not make you feel bad if you just can’t recall……she knows how to let go and put you at ease. I find her to be interested in the student and your world and will work in your themes. She knows how to hold your attention and interact with ease.

Language teachers are a gift to all of us that seek to engage the world with our modest understanding of another language. Let her and her team take that journey with you. I’ve had the pleasure of studying with her for more than five years. She will always welcome you and you will be forever touched by her nature, her lively expressions and her hopes for you and your journey. Acquiring knowledge always comes with being at ease so relax and enjoy your new friend.

Robert Dodd
Chelsea, Michigan
Pre-intermediate level