Yadira takes you from your current level to where you want to be

Been studying Spanish from books and CDs but never have the confidence to put it into practice with native speakers? This is an opportunity for you. Yadira at luciag12.sg-host.com takes you from your current level (which she assesses in your first (also free) session to where you want to be.

I’ve studied Spanish over many years but lacked the confidence to actually use the Spanish I knew. Why? Because I was afraid someone would speak back to me in Spanish and I’d be completely lost (they speak so FAST). Yadira takes you on a journey where you learn to listen for keywords and phrases, common conversations (meeting people, shopping, describing yourself and your family) while building your confidence, vocabulary and grammar.

I now know I can be understood in most situations (even if the verb tense and grammar aren’t completely correct YET) and I can generally understand the gist of what is said back to me. I’ve certainly learned how to say “say that slower please” (dice “lentamente, por favor”) and “again please” (“otra vez, por favor”). That’s part of the process. Is it painful, anxiety-producing, and hard? Absolutely! It’s also encouraging, reinforcing, confidence-building and what you’ve been working for all along. It’s where your Spanish language learning takes flight and becomes a real Spanish speaking (and listening) experience. There is nothing like putting all your hard work into practice.


Gail Tanner
Audiologa, retirada de Nashville, Tennessee
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