Online Spanish courses – John´s testimonial

I have had regular lessons on Skype with Yadira for about 18 months and thoroughly enjoy them. I had tried to learn Spanish for several years, but, although I took some courses while in Mexico, I found that I lost impetus after a few weeks back at home. So when Yadira suggested continuing my lessons with her on Skype when I returned to Vancouver, I thought that I would give it a try. I’m so glad that I did.

We meet about once a week, although more often during the COVID pandemic. The quality of the internet connection is usually good. We cover a very wide range of topics and I really appreciate hearing a different perspective on the issues of the day. I find the Skype format quite helpful. For example, when I mess up the grammar of what I’m trying to say, she is able to type a grammatically correct version that remains on Skype so that I can go back to it after the lesson. Our conversations have encouraged me to extend my vocabulary, improve my grammar and make more use of various online resources.

Yadira is a very skillful teacher who is able to adjust the level of the conversation to suit the student. I can highly recommend her classes, although at this stage I feel that I’m chatting with a good friend who happens to be helping me to learn Spanish.

John Hay
Oncologist, Vancouver, BC Canadá
Intermediate level