Ken Sparks

“Dear Erandi; I have very much enjoyed your class! You are a great teacher, I appreciate your understanding and I love your enthusiasm! You make learning fun. I enjoyed our phone conversations with Tatiana and I enjoyed going to the movie. If I would be with you everyday, I might one day be able to speak Spanish! Thank you for everything and we’ll miss you! Again, you do a great job!”

Sue Sparks, Vermont, USA

Dear Erandi:
Thank you for nine wonderful lessons. You were most helpful and Sue and I enjoyed practicing our Spanish with you. You were very accomodating of our schedule and our respective strenghths and shortcomings in the language. We enjoyed the fieldtrip to the movie and the help of Tatiana and the others at the hotel. I hope we can continue this when we are back next year. Muchas gracias por todo.

Ken Sparks, Vermont, USA

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