Erandi con John y Anna Ferrera, sus hijos Jake y Mónica

“Erandi was enthusiastic and very patient with our “familia”. We would like to return & learned so much during our week here. Which was at times, difficult because our kids were not always as attentive as they would have been- yet they enjoyed and learned “mucho” (much).”

“Erandi was nice, funny, always smiling, good at teaching and very, very fun. I learned a lot from her. She is the best teacher ever (especially because she has a duck on her phone. I had fun just listening to her…”
Monica Ferrera (9 years old)

“I had a lot fun with Erandi. She was enthusiastic but 4 hours is too long. I had and making up brothers and sisters and families. I learned a lot and it was interesting 85% of the time.”
Jake (11 years old)

“Erandi and Yadira, I liked the Spanish lessons very much. Thank you for your patience with the kids!! (originally in Spanish) It was a terrific experience for me and our whole family. We will return to see you and practice.”
John Ferrera Davis CA, USA