Easy, effective and fast. Our online Spanish courses are student-focused, totally personalized. You would be surprised at how fast you would learn Spanish.

Our method will engage you in practical dialogues, you will get the motivation to speak, which is the most common challenge to learn a language. From the first class, you would be speaking with confidence.

The practical dialogues will help you get around in daily life situations with the language and then, as you advance, you would broaden your knowledge to talk about your life, your career and your interests.

The online Spanish courses would get you there fast as the method is not focused on Grammar but in the joy of being able to understand and respond. Once you get the rhythm of the language, the structure of the language would be easy to understand.

Be prepared for an enjoyable experience to learn to speak Spanish fast.

Rates per hour:

Mexican Peso – $400 (approx. in Canadian Dollar $24.50 or US Dollar $17.59, subject to the exchange rate)


I have had regular lessons on Skype with Yadira for about 18 months and thoroughly enjoy them. I had tried to learn Spanish for several years, but, although I took some courses while in Mexico, I found that I lost impetus after a few weeks back at home. So when Yadira suggested continuing my lessons with her on Skype when I returned to Vancouver, I thought that I would give it a try. I’m so glad that I did.

We meet about once a week, although more often during the COVID pandemic. The quality of the internet connection is usually good. We cover a very wide range of topics and I really appreciate hearing a different perspective on the issues of the day. I find the Skype format quite helpful. For example, when I mess up the grammar of what I’m trying to say, she is able to type a grammatically correct version that remains on Skype so that I can go back to it after the lesson. Our conversations have encouraged me to extend my vocabulary, improve my grammar and make more use of various online resources.

Yadira is a very skillful teacher who is able to adjust the level of the conversation to suit the student. I can highly recommend her classes, although at this stage I feel that I’m chatting with a good friend who happens to be helping me to learn Spanish.

John Hay
Oncologist, Vancouver, BC Canadá
Intermediate level


What is better than a teacher that succeeds in transmitting her energy in learning and motivate you to have the guts to try your knowledge of Spanish with any local person you encountered? Especially if she or he is pretty?


No hay problema: Yadira gave me rapidly the necessary vocabulary for the day to day routine. She has a terrific sense of humour and every time spent with her is like vacation time. She has a contagious love for her country and State, with a very profound knowledge of its history. There is no way you cannot progress with Yadira as a teacher.

I have been able to keep up and improve my Spanish taking lessons with her on Skype and it’s been worth every minute!

Claude Lecorre, Abogado, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Advanced level